Electronics Recycling

Keep Phoenix Beautiful is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Westech Recyclers, Inc. (Westech) to offer electronic recycling services in the greater Phoenix area. For drop off information or to schedule a pick up(a slight charge could apply), please call the number listed below for Westech. In addition, for newer surplus electronic equipment, this program will offer the members a 50/50 Asset Share Recovery. Also, some of the proceeds from the older electronic equipment recycled by Westech will be donated to Keep Phoenix Beautiful to help promote their mission.

The list of acceptable electronic items to be recycled is listed as follows:

Computer Equipment – PC’s, Laptops, Flat Panel Monitors, Modems, Switches, Hubs and Routers, Storage Devices, Main Frames, Servers, Power Supplies, Tape Libraries, Circuit Boards, Power Cords, Printers, Wire and Cabling, Surplus Metals, Mice, Keyboards, Hard Drives, Floppy, DVD and CD Drives, etc.

Point of Sale Equipment – Credit Card Machines, Printers, Scanners, etc.

Telecom Equipment – Telephones, Cell Phones, Switches, CSU/DSU Multiplexing Equipment, Phone Systems, Answering Systems, etc.

Printing Equipment - Fax Machines and Copiers, Calculators, Typewriters

Audio/Visual Equipment – Stereos, Radios, Flat Screen Televisions, Amplifiers, Projectors, Satellite and Cable Equipment, Video Equipment, Video Game Equipment, Surveillance Equipment, Cameras, etc.

Electronic Components – Capacitors, Diodes, Resistors, Transistors and Integrated Circuits, etc.

Miscellaneous Electronic Items – Test Equipment, Lab Equipment, Medical Equipment, Cables and Wire, Connectors, etc.

Surplus Metals and Wire and Cable: Aluminum, Copper Wire, etc. Fore more information or to schedule a pick-up, please contact:

Tom Holland
Westech Recyclers
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)