News / Phoenix launches campaign against cigarette littering

Phoenix launches campaign against cigarette littering
August 14th, 2008 @ 7:13am
by KTAR Newsroom

``Keep your butt in the car.” That’s the message from Keep Phoenix Beautiful, which is taking up the fight against the most littered item in the United States.

The organization is distributing bumper stickers, aimed at reminding smokers to put their butts in ash trays.

``Before you toss that cigarette butt out the car window, think twice about it and use your ash tray,” said Tom Waldeck with Keep Phoenix Beautiful.

He added, ``One-point-seven billion pounds of cigarette litter ends up on the streets all across the country. And if you take a look at one cigarette butt, and think one-point-seven billion pounds, that’s a lot of cigarette butts.”

Keep Phoenix Beautiful is counting the number of butts around US Airways Center and Chase Field in downtown Phoenix to focus attention on the problem.

``We have done a count, and it was quite substantial,” Walkdeck said, adding that the count began July 25 and will continue through Sept. 30.

Find out how to get a bumper sticker by going to • Stop Cigarette Littering