News / Valley UPS workers spruce up Phoenix icon—Tovrea Castle
Valley UPS workers spruce up Phoenix icon—Tovrea Castle

Reported by: Kyle Burke
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PHOENIX—More than 60 local UPS workers got together Saturday morning to help put the finishing touches on the restoration of the Carraro Cactus Gardens that surround the Tovrea Castle.

As part of their annual Global Volunteer Month, the UPS volunteers spent the morning cleaning up trash, fixing fences and trellises and painting rocks to get the garden ready to open to the public sometime in November.

The clean up was organized by the

Keep Phoenix Beautiful Foundation


See photos of the home in the attached slideshow

The castle and garden was built by Alessio Carraro between 1928 and 1930 and was later sold to the Tovrea family.

Carraro’s great grand-daughter Michelle is currently a UPS employee and was very proud she and her father were able to take a little part in the renovation project.

"It’s fullfilling a dream of my grandfather’s to have a central place for people to meet," said Frank Carraro, the builder’s grandson. "And that dream is coming true right now."

UPS was not aware that Michelle Carraro-Smith was a descedant of the original owner when they chose to help out on this project.