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Phoenix teachers, we have been revamping our education program through the pandemic. We've made our presentations and resources more accessible for virtual schooling . We now have a large selection of our education materials AVAILABLE DIGITALLY!

Our content is organized into two sections:
1. Subject-specific links & worksheets
2. Complete module packet to download

Subject-specific links and worksheets are readily available. Downloadable modules are sent out once we receive your school and class info.

To receive complete modules, we ask that you provide us the following information below. By providing that information, you are ensuring we can continue to provide valuable content.
✰ Number of Students
✰ Grade Level
✰ Name and address of school

We are currently offering these modules:

Recycling with Recyclesaurus
Water Awareness & Watersheds
Litter in Your Community

Resources for The Three R’s & Recycling Boot Camp

  • Click here for lots of information you on Recycling in Phoenix. 
  • The City of Phoenix’s Zero Waste Game teaches what does and doesn’t go into Phoenix recycling bins, for learners of all ages! 
  • Discuss recycling, litter reduction, and beautification with your learners. Check out this link for lots of activities and other resources.
  • K-5: Recycle City is an online game for students and adults of all ages to learn about the three R’s and what we can do at home, work and in our neighborhoods to stay green.
  • Middle School: This link will take you to a few different activities you can do with your kids to help them grasp the three R’s concept.
  • K-HS: Track what you reduce, reuse, and recycle with this fun week long activity. Go to this link to see how you can easily help your students with this activity.
  • PreK-HS: The Recycling Games (similar to the Olympic Games) get your kids active and excited about recycling.
  • EPA: Learn how reducing, reusing, and recycling can help you, your community, and the environment by saving money, energy, and natural resources. Remember to check with your city for specifics on the recycling programs in your community.

Resources for From Landfills to Composting

Resources for Water Conservation (Parts I, II, III)

Water Conservation presentations sponsored by SRP

Water I: What You Thought You Knew

Water II: Where Does It Come From?

Water III: How Much Do You Have?

Resources for Litter in Your Community

About our program

We are proud to provide free & low-cost green education to thousands of learners each year. Think of us as a field trip that comes to you! Our education team has created and adapted a variety of sustainability-minded presentations that cover everything from basic recycling to water conservation. We will go beyond the traditional classroom and visit your scout troop, senior living facility, or your workplace!


First time requesting a presentation? Follow these easy steps to book today!

1. Browse through the various series – All our presentations can be booked as a series or individually.

2. Choose a topic and look at the presentation(s) details and requirements.

3. Make sure the presentation description(s) fits what you’re seeking.

4. Use the ‘Ready to Book’ form to send us your request!

Ready to book?

Our education menu below gives info on each outreach presentation.
Use the descriptions & symbols below to help aid your booking decisions!

Presentations for Recycling Experts:

Choose up to two!

(1) The Three R’s (45-60 mins)

Interactive discussion and prop-based presentation that educates on the differences between and importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Lots of opportunity to share what ideas and examples from daily life. Attendants will also get specific city-based recycling information.

(2) Virtual MRF Tour (60 mins)

Where do my recyclables go? This fun, multimedia presentation gives students an inside look the processes that happen inside a Materials Recovery Facility. Included are illustrations, props, animations, and real videos!

(ALT) Recycling Boot Camp (20-30 mins)

Short on time? Substitute Recycling Boot Camp! New to recycling? Need a quick refresher on what to recycle? Let us come to you with props, examples, and resources to get you going green.

Presentations for Conserving AZ's Water:

Choose up to three!

(1) What You Think You Know (60 mins)

An interactive PowerPoint based presentation including a group activity and demonstration about the distribution of water on Earth. By the end of this presentation students should know just how much of Earth’s water is available for our use.

(2) Where Does Our Water Come From (60 mins)

In this fun and very visual presentation you will learn about the Salt River Watershed. Students will create their own watersheds and together we map the Salt River Watershed. By the end of this presentation students will know more about where their water in Arizona comes from.

(3) How Much Do You Have? (45-60 mins)

This presentation allows students to get active while diving into important facts about water scarcity and how it affects places differently.

Presentations for Greening Outside

Choose up to two!

Choose From Landfills to Composting -or- Backyard Composting || Then, Backyard Gardening for this series.
(1) From Landfills to Composting (45-60 mins)

Interactive discussion and presentation that explains where “away” is and how you can recycle food waste at home.

(2) Backyard Composting (45-60 mins)

This informative presentation gives the basics on how to compost in the low desert. Using Master Gardener resources, examples of materials, ways to troubleshoot and types of composters are discussed. Further resources are given to bring the knowledge home.

(3) Backyard Gardening (45-60 mins)

This informative presentation will help you discover when to plant and how to plant with specific information tailored to our low desert environment. Using Master Gardener resources, gardening is simplified for everyone!

Presentations for the Littlest Recyclers:

Choose up to two!

(1) Recycling with Recyclesaurus (20-30 mins)

Your class can receive a visit from Recyclesaurus, the recycling dinosaur! In this presentation we discuss what goes into your recycling bin, learn about litter, model good behavior, and celebrate success.

(2) Reimagine Phoenix with Recyclesaurus (20-30 mins)

Story-time with engaging storybook with Recyclesaurus. Learn about the Five R’s, follow Recyclesaurus and his friends as they discover Phoenix, and learn how we can all better our environment.

Presentations for Urban Sustainability:

Choose up to four!

(1) Only Rain Down the Storm Drain (45-60 mins)

Did you know that the water that goes down the storm drain on your street flows right into your local park or wash? Learn all about keeping our storm drains clean with this fun presentation!

(2) Litter in your Community (45-60 mins)

This interactive “quiz-show” style presentation summarizes the surprising information on litter in the US using data from Keep America Beautiful.

(3) Plastic Discovery (60 mins)

Interactive discussion and exploration of what plastic is, where comes from; then an experiment to understand and identify some commonly found types of household plastics.

(4) Sustainability & You (60 mins)

What does sustainability mean? How can we think of ourselves and our choices in a global context? What would happen if everyone in Earth consumed resources the same way? (NOTE: needs internet access)

Gardening & Composting resources

Click below to download your
Composting & Gardening Resources


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