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Phoenix teachers!

We are carefully returning to schools, and we are continuing to offer downloadable modules, too They are sent out once we receive your school and class info.

We are currently sending out these modules:

Recycling with Recyclesaurus
Rethinking with Recyclesaurus
Water Awareness & Watersheds
Litter in Your Community
Quick Take: Your Neighborhood *NEW*
Quick Take: Beautiful & Green *NEW*
Quick Take: Starting Sustainability *NEW*


Watch this space for upcoming information on booking our in-person educational presentations.

→ Littlest Recycler Series (2 presentations)
Quick recycling presentations with our mascot, Recyclesaurus, that are perfect for early childhood.
→ Recycling Expert Series (3 presentations)
Get up close & personal with Phoenix recycling in this presentation series.
→ Arizona Water Series (3 presentations)
Learn the basics of water then dive into discussions on AZ watersheds & global water issues.
→ Green Outside Series (3 presentations)
Informative & in-depth presentations for gardening here in the valley.
→ Urban Sustainability (4 presentations)
Great presentations for STEM classrooms; works best for 6th grade and above.

  • Click here for lots of information you on Recycling in Phoenix. 
  • The City of Phoenix’s Zero Waste Game teaches what does and doesn’t go into Phoenix recycling bins, for learners of all ages! 
  • Discuss recycling, litter reduction, and beautification with your learners. Check out this link for lots of activities and other resources.
  • K-5: Recycle City is an online game for students and adults of all ages to learn about the three R’s and what we can do at home, work and in our neighborhoods to stay green.
  • Middle School: This link will take you to a few different activities you can do with your kids to help them grasp the three R’s concept.
  • K-HS: Track what you reduce, reuse, and recycle with this fun week long activity. Go to this link to see how you can easily help your students with this activity.
  • PreK-HS: The Recycling Games (similar to the Olympic Games) get your kids active and excited about recycling.
  • EPA: Learn how reducing, reusing, and recycling can help you, your community, and the environment by saving money, energy, and natural resources. Remember to check with your city for specifics on the recycling programs in your community.
  • Reduce/Reuse/Recycle Worksheet PDFs (6) total: (A)  (B)  (C)  (D)  (E)  (F)
We are thrilled to announce our newest module where Recyclesaurus explores Reducing at home, Reuse crafting, and tours the Recycling facility! In this module you’ll get the items below. Fill out the request for today!
  • Links to Resources
  • Games
  • Activity sheets
  • THREE new videos!
Recyclesaurus and Sarah looking at the camera and smiling

QUICK TAKES – Beautification In Your Neighborhood

You’ll receive
Blindfold Surprise Video, Lesson Plan, Recycling Info Sheet Links, Game, Puzzle
Keeping My Town Beautiful Book, Activity

—Content shared from Keep America Beautiful and supplemented by Keep Phoenix Beautiful

QUICK TAKES – Beautiful & Green

You’ll receive
Keep It Beautiful and Green Video, Lesson Plan, Game, & Puzzle
Marina and the Beanstalk Video, Vegetable Planting Calendar, Ten Steps to a Successful Vegetable Garden

—Content shared from Keep America Beautiful and supplemented by Keep Phoenix Beautiful

QUICK TAKES – A Good Start to Sustainability

You’ll receive
Poetry In Motion Video, Lesson Plan, Activity, Game
Litter Evaluation Bag Video, Lesson Plan, Game

—Content shared from Keep America Beautiful and supplemented by Keep Phoenix Beautiful