Virtual Education Outreach

Online resources for you at home, since we can't visit you during these historic times. The outreach education staff is proud to offer content digitally!

Phoenix teachers, we’ve organized each section below into two parts: subject-specific links & worksheets, and a complete package to download.

To receive the complete module, we ask that you provide us information related to who will be receiving this content (your class size, grade, & school).

By providing us that information, you’re ensuring we can continue to provide valuable content after the pandemic has subsided – We appreciate your understanding.

Our current content modules are:
◊ Reduce/Reuse/Recycle
◊ Recycling with Recyclesaurus
◊ Water Awareness & Watersheds
◊ Litter in Your Community

More Content and Modules Below!

  • Click here for lots of information you on Recycling in Phoenix. 
  • The City of Phoenix’s Zero Waste Game teaches what does and doesn’t go into Phoenix recycling bins, for learners of all ages! 
  • Discuss recycling, litter reduction, and beautification with your learners. Check out this link for lots of activities and other resources.
  • K-5: Recycle City is an online game for students and adults of all ages to learn about the three R’s and what we can do at home, work and in our neighborhoods to stay green.
  • Middle School: This link will take you to a few different activities you can do with your kids to help them grasp the three R’s concept.
  • K-HS: Track what you reduce, reuse, and recycle with this fun week long activity. Go to this link to see how you can easily help your students with this activity.
  • PreK-HS: The Recycling Games (similar to the Olympic Games) get your kids active and excited about recycling.
  • EPA: Learn how reducing, reusing, and recycling can help you, your community, and the environment by saving money, energy, and natural resources. Remember to check with your city for specifics on the recycling programs in your community.
  • Reduce/Reuse/Recycle Worksheet PDFs (6) total: (A)  (B)  (C)  (D)  (E)  (F)

SHOW US YOUR ZERO - An Essay & Art Contest

JUST LAUNCHED – an essay and art contest where Phoenix students can showcase what being Zero Waste means to them.
Winners will be chosen from grouped age/grade ranges & each winner will be highlighted on social media PLUS have stickers made of their art!

WHAT: An essay  & illustration contest, where you explain what being Zero Waste means to you! Winners will be chosen grouped into age/grade categories and the winners will be highlighted on social media, in the blog and their art will be made into stickers!
1. Be sure to include your name, age or grade, email address, and city
2. Launched on America Recycles Day on November 15th – DEADLINE is Dec 15th 2020. 
3. We’ll pick winners passed on age groups and announce on social media (2-3 categories)
4. Stickers will be made from each winner to celebrate

WHY: Tell us what being Zero Waste means to you (that means beyond recycling). Don’t know where to get started? Here are some resources!

WHO: Any Phoenix student passionate about sustainability.

HOW: Submit an essay (500 – 1000 words) and an image via email to with the subject line “Show Us Your Zero”

WHEN: Contest entries will be accepted starting Nov 15th through Dec 15th 2020.