All About Republic Services, by Mary Lu N

My peeps know that I am a Friend of KPB, and really into proper recycling.  I wipe out jars and cans of food bits, removed metal caps from glass bottles before tossing them into the bin, and avoid Styrofoam containers at all costs.  So imagine my concern about moving into a new apartment complex.  Most do not, understandably, have recycling.

Republic Services to the rescue!  A specialist had visited my new complex and offered recycling to our community.  The property manager agreed and provided great education on what and how to recycle without contaminating the materials.  They also offered an incentive for the residents if we could recycle without a negative notice for 6-months – a community barbecue.  Apparently it worked.  Hot dogs and hamburgers will be on the grill in April for everyone.

I was curious about Republic Services so I did a little research.  First of all, they too are a Friend of KPB.  They offer support to many of the events and activities of Keep Phoenix Beautiful.  Top of the list is that they are the top dog sponsor for Earth Day Phoenix 2019, just as they have been for the past 9 years.  Republic Services is a local company, headquartered right here in Phoenix.  This year is the 20th anniversary of their founding, so they have partnered with KPB half of their lifetime.  Pretty nice, right?

Blue Planet is Republic Services vision for sustainability and social responsibility.  You can check out their CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) truck at Earth Day Phoenix 2019.  They will have folks there to answer any questions about their services, how they engage in the community and what their vision is for tomorrow.

Check out more about this great KPB partner at And, visit their table on April 22nd at Cesar Chavez Plaza in downtown Phoenix.  I’ll be there looking for you.

Mary Lu